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Healing is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s easy to find the right healing method, but other times a more holistic approach is needed to get to the root cause of the issue. The Enlightened Goddess Retreat helps women to release old wounds, heal and become whole again.

Our holistic approach helps you recognize your power and strength and energetic health, so you can focus on living your best life. Whether the trauma is from personal experience or the collective experiences of the world, you will find that the holistic approach helps you to recognize your personal power and realize your potential.

Let’s celebrate life, food, nature, and mindful living through our workshops, healing, health, and fitness sessions. We invite you to reconnect with yourself surrounded by nature and people that support your journey, find your inner self, and adopt new habits and routines.

Jan. 25 – 28, 2024

Enlightened Goddess Retreat

We help women to explore the depths of their inner selves and create lives that they love. By becoming aware of their existence and their divine purpose, we help women become whole again and cultivate their spiritual selves.


Somatic Release Breathwork


Yoga & Sound Healing Meditation


Womb Healing Session


Aroma Touch Massage


Holistic Gluten Free Plant-based Nutrition


Vision Board Manifestation Workshop


Emotional Release Technique Group Session


Hilton Head Island, SC

Need a Payment Plan?

We understand that financial flexibility is essential, which is why we are excited to offer custom payment plans for our retreats. Take advantage of this opportunity by filling out our payment plan form to apply. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to embark on a transformative journey, and we are committed to making it accessible to you.

Bring a Family Member or Friend

We are thrilled to announce that our king bed retreat packages* allow you to bring a family member or friend for an extra $250, covering their meal plan. Please send the additional fees to our Venmo account (@mightysoulhealing) and include your name and your companion’s name in the payment description.

* Bunk Beds pacakge does not allow a companion



Included Sessions

Retreat Offerings

Find out more about our services, all of them are included in our retreats at no extra cost!

Energy Gatherings

Womb Healing Session

Whenever there is nurturing, devotional, compassionate, loving, intuitive, or reflective energy the Divine Feminine is present. You might feel yourself resisting the expression of certain qualities to meet social approval because we have all been conditioned to do so. Let me guide you on how to step into your full feminine power.


SomatIQ™ Release Breathwork

During these personal sessions, you will learn techniques of breathing, movement & living philosophy that will remove current blockages from excess stress, anxiety, low energy, and other misalignments of our modern lifestyle. This can be the pathway to start self-regulating your nervous system and mastering your response to stress.


Health & Nutrition

Juice Detox Wellness

Our program is a potent combination of physical, mental, and emotional cleansing, nurturing connection, and personal development.  This is a place to purify, energize and regenerate. 

Emotional Wellbeing

Holistic Lifestyle

Supercharge and uplevel your daily wellness lifestyle by utilizing pure 

NATURAL PRODUCTS + TOP-NOTCH NUTRITION tools to optimize your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Yoga & Sound Healing Baths

A sound bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and even the human voice itself.



Orlando, FL

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