Divine Blessings

No matter what is happening, when you are able to feel grateful for your life, it helps to reduce fear and bring you back to feeling more peaceful again. I have found that no matter where we are in our spiritual development fears can still come up. It is what we do inside our minds that can make all the difference.

Feminine Power Consultation

What does the Divine Feminine add to everyone’s life? In one way or another, we all express qualities of the Divine Feminine. Whenever there is nurturing, devotional, compassionate, loving, intuitive, or reflective energy the Divine Feminine is present. Let me guide you on how to step into your full feminine power.

Full Moon Ceremony

Moon rituals are an ancient practice that is still done today. They originated in places like Egypt and Babylonia in cultures that worshipped the moon. Today, moon rituals create a sacred space for you to focus inward, set intentions, spread love, and feel empowered.  Join us for a unique experience with every full moon!

Don’t know where to start?

The Roadmap to Healing Blueprint

The roadmap to healing invites you to find where are you in your healing journey, whether you don’t know where to start or feel you are almost free, we encourage you to download this FREE tool, that will help you identify where is that you need support, and how to get it.



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